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Counter Intuitive Leadership Strategies

How to effectively disrupt your own thought and work process for greater leadership

When is the right time to adjust your leadership game and apply counterintuitive approaches?

How can you overcome your almost instinctual thought and action patterns in order to better lead your team?

How can you disengage from the "old rules" style that overtakes your natural process in order to try approach leadership in ways that better suit the new environment?

This article will help you with consideration of all of the above.

Today, rules of leadership are incredibly different than they were even ten (10) years ago. With the ongoing development of Artificial-Intelligence-Driven solutions, the use of Big Data, and the introduction of so much more psychological awareness in the workspace - things could be described as radically different.

How to Equip Yourself for the New Leadership Landscape

Change is never easy, especially when it comes to leadership styles that have been cultivated and curated in a previous era or style. Following the ever-changing rules of leadership can be a significant challenge for today's business leaders.

It is not just so simple as saying "out with the old" and "in with the new." You need to do the cognitive work to recognize ways that your approach can help benefit in maximizing your own performance as well as that of your team.

Many of our current leadership strategies are almost, if not completely, automatic. They come as if by an instinctual force. However, change is not impossible. In fact, a significant number of modern leaders are directly challenging these changes, and implementing them with incredible success.

This helps them, and their teams, perform at incredible levels because they are not afraid to contradict the so-called "conventional wisdom" and create a different pathway - one that would be opposite mainstream concepts. It could be called, as Sara Canaday does, "counterintuitive leadership," or unconventional leadership. Overcoming those leadership habits that are incredibly deeply engrained.

What does this mean for you? You need to begin with a critical analysis of your personal approach at present. Perform an in-depth self assessment of your leadership style, and consider places where you can work on changes.

As you start to consciously work on improving your adaptability and unconventional approach to leadership you will quickly recognize that leadership success today not only permits letting go of traditional old school approaches, but actually welcomes an entirely fresh, unconventional approach.

You need to dare to defy the current conventions of thought.

By taking a different approach, you will refresh your leadership and the performance of both yourself and your teams. You can benefit from the ability to value the conventional wisdoms and approaches while be unrestricted to go elsewhere to address the challenges that present themselves in your work.

Old leadership rules and conventions could very well be holding you back. They may even blocking you from accomplishing your greatest achievements, or leading incredible teams for success.

Look for ways you can critique your current style, implement change, and challenge to "old-ways." Try to find ways that you can drive specific strategies that can transform you from textbook leadership to modern progression.

Daring to be different can certainly pay big dividends.

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